Jorns & Associates Review

This article offers an analysis of Jorns & Associates ERC services and addresses the question of whether they are a dependable company. Jorns & Associates provides filing for the ERC tax credit. In this article we will break down if it is legitimate to claim with them.

Is Jorns & Associates Legit when it comes to ERC filings?

If you're seeking a dependable refund company, consider Jorns & Associates. Our thorough evaluation will assess their services and address the common inquiry: Is it the right comany to claim erc with?

Jorns & Associates is a trustworthy company that can assist with maximizing your return for your employee retention tax credit. They have expertise in ERC refunds and will diligently seek out if your business is eligible while assisting with your claim.

They understand that cost is an important factor, therefore they will provide you with a detailed explanation of the business file fees and assist you in navigating the process smoothly. They charge $2600 due at signing which is fully refundable.

Jorns & Associates offers more than just the basics for ERC refunds. They believe in going above and beyond. Their level of service is exceptional and they mention to help claim 15% to 20% more than other erc companies. They use software to perform your claims calculations and eliminates any human errors. They also provide full audit protection with insurance coverage of $1 million limit per claim.

Is Jorns & Associates legit? You betcha! They've got a rock-solid track record of success and a team of passionate experts ready to help you win big.  Jorns & Associates are experts at filing businesses erc tax credit.

What is the fee for claiming a tax refund through Jorns & Associates?

Jorns & Associates is a company that handles ERC refunds. They have transparent pricing with a 20% fee for their service. There is a $2600 deposit to claim which is refundable after signing with them. The cost is reasonable when considering the expertise of their team. All claims are handled by a CPA or tax attorney which guarantees maximum refunds of 10 - 20 percent more than most CPAs and erc companies charging above 20% for your tax credit claims. 

Jorns & Associates offers services at a below average cost compared to other ERC companies. Clients benefit from the expertise of professional financial advisors and have the assurance that expenses are reviewed prior to tax time to avoid any unexpected surprises. Satisfaction is guaranteed upon receipt of the tax return. You can expect to receive your refund within 14 to 20 weeks after they submit your file to the IRS.

Number of Employees to file with Jorns & Associates is a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 499 employees.

Jorns & Associates Pros and Cons


  • Exclusively dedicated to ERC filings
  • Dedicated account specialists
  • Audit Support and carry E&O (errors and omissions) insurance coverage with $1 million limit per claim
  • Low filing fees at %20 of claim
  • Max ERC filing Recovery


  • $2600 upfront deposit, business owners looking for no upfront costs may want to file with a different company

Receive Up To $26,000 Per Employee

ERC Specialists

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What other Business Owners are saying about Jorns & Associates

"This company is truly amazing and goes above and beyond to provide a top quality service to everyone that they do business with. The owners of this company are caring and help everyone to be able to receive money that they may not have the opportunity anywhere else."

Date of experience: October 17, 2022

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Date of experience: March 29, 2022

This site is very excellent and helped me in my own business a lot. They added me in enhancing your business and i got Employee Retention Tax Credits. thanks a lot.

Date of experience: April 11, 2022

The process and timeline for ERC refunds are provided by Jorns & Associates.

The IRS currently takes 3-5 months to issue checks for amounts below $200,000 per quarter, and 7-10 months for amounts above $200,000 per quarter. With the increase in applications, the timeline varies.


Out of all the companies that we have reviewed Jorns & Associates is a great company to work with. If you are looking for a cheaper company to claim your erc refund with you may want to see our choices of best ERC companies