ERC Guaranteed Review

ERC Guaranteed has emerged as a prominent provider of services aimed at assisting businesses in retroactively claiming the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). With a team of over 100 professionals, including ERC specialists, CPAs, and lawyers, the company offers a free analysis to evaluate eligibility for the tax credit.

Their nationwide availability, comprehensive reports, and audit protection contribute to their reputation for maximizing ERC refunds. Notably, ERC Guaranteed distinguishes itself by offering unique features such as 150+ reports showcasing eligibility and refund calculations.

The company's strong track record of responsiveness, accuracy, and efficient claim processing reinforces its standing in the industry.

Key Takeaways Reviewing ERC Guaranteed

  • ERC Guaranteed specializes in helping businesses claim the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)
  • They offer a free analysis to determine eligibility for the tax credit
  • ERC Guaranteed has a team of over 100 professionals, including ERC specialists, CPAs, and lawyers
  • The company provides comprehensive reports, audit protection, and no upfront fees.
  • Fees working with ERC Guaranteed varies between 15% to 30% 

Fee Structure and Payment Process

Efficiently managing fees and facilitating a seamless payment process is a key aspect of ERC Guaranteed's service models. The company's fees are typically 15% to 30%, with nonprofits receiving lower fees compared to other businesses. ERC Guaranteed fees are dependent on various factors for each business. The fees will be due after receiving your erc refund. This approach ensures that clients only pay for the services rendered after they have received their refund. By offering low fees and a payment process that occurs after the refund has been received, ERC Guaranteed aims to provide a cost-effective and hassle-free experience for businesses seeking to claim the Employee Retention Credit.


  • No upfront Fees Working with ERC Guaranteed
  • Fast Application Process
  • Free ERC Analysis
  • Live, Phone, & Email Customer Support
  • Quality ERC Reporting 


  • Various Filing Fee Range
  • Does Not Provide Bridge Loans for advanced refund options 

Overview of ERC Guaranteed Services

ERC Guaranteed offers a range of services including free analysis, comprehensive reports, and fast ERC claims, aimed at assisting businesses in claiming the Employee Retention Credit retroactively.

The eligibility requirements for ERC Guaranteed involve businesses that have experienced a significant decline in gross receipts or have been subject to full or partial closure due to government orders. ERC Guaranteed specializes in navigating the complex eligibility criteria and ensures that businesses meet the necessary requirements.

The refund process begins with a free analysis to determine the business's eligibility for the tax credit. Once determined eligible, ERC Guaranteed works with qualified businesses to maximize their ERC refunds. The company provides comprehensive reports and submits forms to the IRS within seven days for processing.

The objective is to expedite the refund process and assist businesses in obtaining the employee retention credit they are entitled to.

Expert Team of ERC Specialists

With a team comprising over 100 professionals, including ERC specialists, CPAs, and lawyers, ERC Guaranteed possesses a robust and diverse pool of expertise in navigating the complexities of the Employee Retention Credit. This wealth of knowledge allows ERC Guaranteed to provide comprehensive and accurate assistance to businesses seeking to claim the ERC.

The expertise of their team enables them to effectively analyze a client's eligibility for the tax credit and maximize the potential refund amount.

Furthermore, ERC Guaranteed has garnered a reputation for excellent customer satisfaction. Positive reviews highlight the professionalism and knowledge of the ERC Tax Credit, as well as the fast and simple application process and detailed reports provided. Clients appreciate the responsiveness and helpfulness of the team, contributing to ERC Guaranteed's positive reputation and customer satisfaction

Comprehensive Reports and Audit Protection

Comprehensive reports and audit protection are key features offered by ERC Guaranteed, ensuring that businesses have access to detailed information and safeguards to protect against potential audits. These features provide several benefits to businesses:

1. Detailed Information:
The comprehensive reports provided by ERC Guaranteed offer businesses in-depth insights into their eligibility for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) and the calculation of potential refunds. These reports encompass over 150 pages, providing a wealth of data to support businesses in understanding their ERC claims.

2. Safeguards Against Audits:
Audit protection is crucial for businesses aiming to claim the ERC. ERC Guaranteed offers this protection, giving businesses peace of mind by providing safeguards against potential audits. This ensures that businesses can confidently navigate the complex process of claiming the ERC without the fear of facing penalties or audits.

3. Enhanced Compliance:
By offering comprehensive reports, ERC Guaranteed assists businesses in maintaining a high level of compliance with ERC regulations. These reports provide businesses with clear documentation of their eligibility and refund calculation, which can be utilized to demonstrate compliance during potential audits.

4. Improved Accuracy:
The comprehensive reports offered by ERC Guaranteed contribute to improved accuracy in ERC claims. By providing detailed information and calculations, businesses can have a clearer understanding of their eligibility and ensure accurate claim submissions.

Nationwide Availability for Businesses

Nationwide availability is a key aspect of the services provided by ERC Guaranteed, allowing businesses across all 50 states to access their expertise in claiming the Employee Retention Credit (ERC).

This widespread availability ensures that businesses in any location can benefit from the services offered by ERC Guaranteed.

In terms of eligibility requirements, ERC Guaranteed offers a free analysis to determine if a business qualifies for the tax credit. This analysis helps businesses understand their eligibility and the potential benefits they may receive.

The benefits of engaging ERC Guaranteed include their team of over 100 professionals, including ERC specialists, CPAs, and lawyers, who provide comprehensive reports, audit protection, and a risk-free guarantee.

Additionally, ERC Guaranteed offers fast and accurate ERC claims, typically filing within seven days, ensuring a timely process for businesses seeking the tax credit.

Fast and Accurate ERC Claims

The previous subtopic discussed the unique features of ERC Guaranteed, including eligibility reports and refund calculation. In this current subtopic, we will focus on the fast and accurate ERC claims process provided by ERC Guaranteed.

1. Efficient filing: ERC Guaranteed is known for its swift and timely submission of forms to the IRS. The company typically files the necessary paperwork within seven days, minimizing delays in the claims process.

2. Reduced waiting time: By prioritizing speed, ERC Guaranteed aims to expedite the refund process for its clients. This allows businesses to receive their ERC refunds in a shorter timeframe, providing them with much-needed financial support sooner.

3. Enhanced cash flow: Fast ERC claims enable businesses to access their eligible tax credits quickly, resulting in improved cash flow. This can help companies meet their financial obligations and invest in growth opportunities more promptly.

4. Increased financial stability: By streamlining the ERC claims process, ERC Guaranteed contributes to the financial stability of businesses. The timely resolution of claims reduces uncertainty and allows companies to plan and allocate resources effectively.

The benefits of fast ERC claims offered by ERC Guaranteed include efficient filing, reduced waiting time, enhanced cash flow, and increased financial stability for businesses.

ERC Guaranteed Offers a Free Analysis and Easy Application Process

Facilitating a seamless payment process, ERC Guaranteed's fee structure ensures that clients are invoiced for the fee after their ERC check has cleared. This approach offers several benefits to clients, including:

1. Financial Security: By only invoicing clients after their ERC check has cleared, ERC Guaranteed provides financial security and peace of mind. Clients can be confident in receiving their refund before making any payments.

2. Cost Effectiveness: ERC Guaranteed's fee structure is designed to be competitive, typically 15% to 30%. This cost-effectiveness allows businesses to maximize their refund while still receiving high-quality ERC claim services.

3. Risk-Free Guarantee: ERC Guaranteed's fee structure aligns with their risk-free guarantee. Clients only pay for the services once they have received their refund, providing added assurance and protection.

Overall, ERC Guaranteed's fee structure, which invoicing clients after their ERC check has cleared, offers financial security, cost effectiveness, transparency, and a risk-free guarantee to clients. This ensures a smooth and beneficial experience throughout the ERC Guaranteed application process.

ERC Guaranteed Customer Service and Reputation 

Impartial surveys indicate that ERC Guaranteed has consistently received positive feedback from clients regarding the quality of their customer service and their overall reputation in the industry. Clients appreciate the multiple support channels provided by ERC Guaranteed, which include phone support, email support, live chat, and support tickets. These channels ensure that clients have easy access to assistance throughout the application and claim process. The positive customer feedback highlights the professionalism and knowledge of ERC specialists, as well as the responsiveness and accuracy of the claim process. Overall, ERC Guaranteed has built a strong reputation for its customer service and commitment to client satisfaction.