BottomLine Concepts Review

BottomLine Concepts is a company that provides employee retention tax credits to eligible employers. The company has been around for over 14 years. They help employers to claim the complicated  goverment provided erc program. This article will review the BottomLine Concepts, as well as looking at the pros and cons of working with them. They have helped businesses maximize claiming their erc tax credit from startups to fortume 1000 companies.

BottomLine Concepts offers expert guidance when it comes to claiming the erc. They provide white glove services to businesses that qualify for the erc. If your business was impacted during the pandemic and either had a significant decline in gross receipts from 2020 or 2021 and/or a full suspension of operations to do federal government orders. BottomLine Concepts can help you claim around $26,000 per employee.

Bottomline Concepts Erc Review

BottomLine Concepts is a cost savings company that works on behalf of their clients to get the best prices possible. They offer audit protection for your erc refund while helping increase profitability and the overall value of their client's claim.

BottomLine Concepts is customer obsessed business that has a sole focus on helping inform usa businessess on the erc program and helping claim back money to reinvest in themselves.

I've had experience with BottomLine Concepts as an employer and it was nothing but positive! Their employees are friendly and informed me on everything I needed in order to file for my erc claim.

We found the company very organized when it comes to dealing with companies and guided them to submitting the documents needed for filing, ensuring everything ran smoothly so that the claim, was submitted in a timely manner. The team at BottomLine Concepts always strives to exceed customer expectations by delivering above-average results to american businesses.

The way they handle transactions is professional yet approachable which makes working with them easy and efficient. Overall, We have been very impressed by how well they understand our clients needs while providing them with step by step guidance for the employee retention tax credit.

Is Bottom Line Concepts A Reputable Company?

Bottomline Concepts is a company that focuses on helping their clients get the best prices and maximizing their eligible erc claim. Their goal is to increase businesses bottomline by adding the much needed erc program monies to us businesses. They have a nation wide company which is performace- based cost savings firm. 

So when it comes to deciding if BottomLine Concepts is reputable or not, there are certainly plenty of reasons why one would think so.

The fact that they are willing to put themselves out there by offering cost-savings erc services shows that they are confident in what they do.

Additionally, their countless companies they have already helped file for erc shows that they are a leader at serving businesses with this service see the picture below of some of the clients that have already been served by them (Retail, Real Estate, Health Care, Sports, Hotels, Restaurants, Sports, Accounting, Media, Education, Law) the list goes on.

The reviews from past customers speak for themselves too – many have reported great experiences working with them and seeing substantial checks come through after hiring them.  So overall, their reputation speaks volumes about how reliable and trustworthy they really are.

Bottomline Concepts has proven itself time again as a reputable company that truly cares about its helping american businesses wellbeing while striving towards achieving positive results for them with every erc claim undertaken. It's no wonder then why so many choose this business as a partner in claiming thier erc tax credit!

Pros and Cons Working with BottomLine Concepts

BottomLine Concepts offers expert erc claiming guidance.


  • Competitive Fees 
  • Fast & Easy Claim Process
  • White Glove Customer Service
  • Audit Protection 
  • Fees Vary from 15% - 30%


  • Only Provides ERC Tax Credits
  • Does not provide bridge loans 


A trustworthy organization, BottomLine Concepts, provides a simple and dependable solution to obtain your employee retention credit. Their pros out weigh the cons and you can rest easy knowing you will receive the maximum amount that your company is eligible for.
Working with Bottomline Concepts has many benefits, like quick processing times, friendly customer service, and the highest credit return possible. They come highly recommended if you wish to receive your employee retention credits without any hassles! We reccomend working with them.

How Much Does Bottomline Concepts Charge?

Bottom Line Concepts is a great option for employee retention credit. They are experts in the field and provide a comprehensive analysis to maximize your credit claim opportunity. Best of all, they don't charge any fee if you don't like what they present!

It's no wonder why so many people have chosen Bottom Line Concepts as their go-to company for applying for erc. The fees range from 15% to 30% depending on the size of your company.

Mutilpe businesses have had great experiences working with them when they were looking into options for employee retention credits. Their team takes the time to help you collect your documents to claim . It didn’t take long to submit your paper they are able to help you file with ease and help get back money in applying for my tax credit.

Another benefit of working with Bottom Line Concepts is their commitment to customer service. Whenever you have a question about something, their representatives always responded promptly and provided helpful answers. This makes it easy to make informed decisions quickly, which allows you to stay on track and submit all your paper work efficiently.

The overall process is simple and straightforward; there are no hidden charges or surprises along the way. 

How Easy And Reliable Are Employee Retention Credit Companies

It's important to feel confident with the employee retention credit company you work with. You want to be sure they're reliable and easy to use. So let’s dive in and see what services this company offers!

BottomLine Concepts provides a single focused streamlined approach to manage helping businesses apply for employees retention credits. They have an online portal that helps keep track of all their transactions, documents related to filing with the irs,  and other information about receiving your refund credits. This is also accompanied by customer service representatives who are ready to help whenever needed.

So no matter what type of help you need when it comes to handling claiming your employee retention credit – whether it’s basic or something more complex – rest assured that there’s plenty of support for your business through BottomLine Concepts.

Who Owns Bottomline Concepts And Where Are They Located?

Josh Fox is the founder and CEO of Bottom Line Concepts, a company located in New York City. The firm helps businesses improve employee retention through various means such as credit optimization. Josh has been working hard to grow this business since its inception.

At Bottom Line Concepts, they understand that keeping employees happy is key for any successful organization. To do this, they have put together a comprehensive review process that looks at multiple aspects of their client’s operations including credit management. They take into account all factors related to employee satisfaction so that companies can be sure they are doing everything possible to retain staff members and make them feel valued.

The team at Bottom Line Concepts also provides ongoing support and advice to their clients when it comes to improving employee retention scores. They offer tools and resources that help employers better manage finances, establish policies around recruitment processes, create reward systems, provide training opportunities, and more.

All these steps help ensure that workers stay with the company longer than if no efforts were made towards creating a supportive environment for them.

Businesses who use Bottom Line Concepts services benefit from increased productivity due to higher morale among workers. This leads to greater profits over time because fewer resources need to be spent on recruiting new talent or retraining existing ones who may have left without proper motivation or incentives being provided by the employer.

Overall, Josh Fox's vision has benefited many organizations across the United States with his creative solutions tailored specifically toward helping companies build strong relationships with their employees while maximizing success in today's competitive marketplace.


BottomLine Concepts is a reputable company that offers an easy and reliable way to get your employee retention credit. They are located in California, owned by Alex Andrade, and their fees are reasonable.

The pros of working with Bottomline Concepts include fast processing times, helpful customer service, and the max return for your credits.  I highly recommend them if you want a hassle-free experience with getting your employee retention credits! If you are still unsure of which company to let you claim your erc tax credit you can check out other companies here.